Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Picket Fences vs. Chain Link Fences

When considering putting up a fence, there is a lot to think about both for your house and for your family. Not only does it affect the look and feel of your home, but it is also a matter of privacy. Do you live in a neighborhood you trust? If so, you won’t need any steel gates with barbed wire to protect your family, and a picket fence may do nicely. If you’re worried about people, either your kids or someone else’s, climbing you’re your fence, a wire or chain link one might be your best bet. Maintenance is another big factor, as wood can be charming but can be also hard to keep up with, and chain link fences are sturdy and reliable, but can sometimes be subject to rust. These are the types of questions you’ll want to ask your fence expert or installer.
 One thing you’ll want to do first is check with your city and neighborhood regulations; sometimes they have rules for what materials, and even what height your fence will need to be. Next decide on privacy. Many people will do a tall private fence in the backyard and a picket fence in the front for aesthetics. Ask an expert about what type of wood is best for your area, and be sure to ask about how to maintain it. Another good option is vinyl fencing which in most cases can just be power washed every once in a while to keep clean.

The chain link fence is often the go-to fence. While it’s not much on looks, it is secure, and it is durable. The picket fence is charming, nostalgic, but not always practical, especially depending on your choice of materials. It depends on your location, your funds, and your personality. To find the perfect marriage between utility, looks, and cost is going to be something to mull over, talk with your family about, and possibly bring in a consultant or expert opinion.

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